Monday, February 4, 2019

Tips for Choosing Apartment Interior Services and 2-Room Apartment Furniture

2-Room Apartment Furniture - Speaking of apartment furniture, surely you are also familiar with what the apartment is. Today's apartments have become the choice of quite a number of people as favorite dwellings, especially for those who work as students, young executives, people who like to move to residential or nomadic locations. Different from other residential buildings, apartments are usually built with a vertical concept and use a minimalist building design but still have a luxurious look. This is because the target market for apartment buildings is those in the upper middle class.

Selection of the Right 2-Room Apartment Interior Services

Building an apartment is not as easy as building another residential house. Building an apartment requires special understanding and competence. Therefore, special contractor services are needed if you want to build an apartment. The selected contractor services must also be experienced for the construction of apartments. Not only that, to arrange the interior in your apartment you also need professional interior services. Nowadays, you will find it easy to find interior design services for apartments because their numbers are getting more and more days. For this reason, things that must not be forgotten are choosing the best and also trusted services.

To choose interior services or furniture for 2-bedroom apartments, you should be truly selective. An effort that can be done is to find as many references as possible from colleagues, relatives, or from the internet. You can check your customer testimonials or comments. Most of them are satisfied with the results of the furniture design for the 2-room apartment or not. If there are many people who like and are satisfied with the results, then it is the best choice for you. Don't forget to always uphold integrity and clean work practices so that you can get maximum satisfaction with the results of their work.

Choosing Furniture For 2-Bedroom Apartment Appropriate
The choice of furniture for apartments with 2 rooms must be done appropriately so that
 the conditions in the apartment look spacious, comfortable, and attractive. The following are
 tips that you can do to choose furniture that suits your apartment, namely;
1.  Get accurate apartment measurements

The first tip is to measure the apartment correctly and accurately. By having the right size 
apartment, you will be facilitated in choosing and buying furniture or furniture that can be 
adjusted to the size of your apartment, for example the size of a 2-bedroom apartment.
2.       Prioritize the purchase of furniture for space needs
The second tip is prioritizing furniture for the needs of your 2-room apartment space. 
qq2B*9*+-+zxfap;nky buying furniture that is only prioritized it will help to look for your 
apartment to look more spacious and comfortable because it is not full of items that might not
 be used every day. Begin to equip 2-bedroom apartment furniture for your bedroom. 
After that you can switch to the other room to be used as you want.
3.   Determine the color
The third tip is to determine the color of the furniture as desired. At present many apartments
 use neutral color furniture, such as light brown and cream. But for colors that look elegant 
and classic modern style, then choose colors like gray, black, dark brown, and white. Try not
 to choose colors that clash with the color of the apartment. You can choose furniture that 
matches the wallpaper of the apartment wall so that your building looks taller.
3.       Choose furniture with a functional design
The last tip is to choose furniture with a functional design. This is to overcome the size of the 
apartment which usually only has a little space than a house. In this case, you must choose 
furniture that is practical and functional so that you can have several uses in one element. 
For example, like a shelf with a table or table attached to the wall and others.

Thus reviews related to the selection of furniture that fits the size of the apartment and the 
number of your room. May be useful.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Strengths and Weaknesses of Finishing Furniture with HPL Finishing Furniture with HPL – High Pressure Laminate or commonly referred to as the abbreviation

HPL is a laminate using high pressure and this is one of the finishing materials commonly used for furniture such as interior surfaces and furniture products. This material is very good as a cover for the table surface, interior decoration, cabinets, kitchen sets, and other furniture. Increasing costs and decreasing the amount of supply of materials such as wood and the increasing number of requests for furniture with environmentally friendly materials have made this HPL material a fairly popular material for finshing furniture products. HPL materials currently play a role in the world of furniture because it is in great demand, especially for furniture made from multiplex. Whereas finishing using plywood with patterns such as teak, mahogany, sungkai, nyatoh, megateak has begun to be abandoned slowly but surely. 

      HPL is more practical, faster and cheaper compared to other finishing materials. The impact caused by the increasing interest in this material is the reduction in sales turnover for finishing materials and the increasing number of unemployed finishing workers who have relied on their work in the sector. Objective Strength of HPL (High Pressure Laminate) Material Every finishing material must have advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, before using certain materials to be used as finishing, it should be considered carefully by looking at what the advantages and disadvantages are. The following are the advantages of finishing furniture with HPL are:

 • HPL has a variety of colors and surface colors that can be used. Most of these materials are colored and patterned from various types of wood. But there is also a memorable metallic color.
• Another advantage of HPL is water repellent. Not only that, this material is also quite scratch-resistant even though it's not 100% scratch resistant. HPL is indeed a strong material because the main ingredient is PVC hard plastic and a textured surface.
• This HPL is also stronger than sheet material which is usually used as cheap furniture upholstery in ordinary furniture stores.
• Other excesses of HPL materials for finishing are cleaner work compared to duco and sanding paints. This is because the use of these materials must be glue on the multiplex. For this reason, for multiplex furniture craftsmen, HPL materials have the advantage of being clean and fast.
• HPL also has an 'edging' product variant to facilitate the construction of furniture in the edges that are too thin.
• By using HPL materials in the finishing process no more finishing sprayers are needed so that it can be said that the finishing process becomes very practical and fast.
• Using HPL materials also costs lower. This is because finishing furniture with HPL does not require the use of specialized finishing services, but only with carpenters.
• HPL has the same furniture colors and motifs, so there is no risk of dappling like the result of finishing using duco paint.
• HPL has many types such as wood motifs, metallic, solid colors, granite motifs, marble motifs, and others.
• HPL is suitable for finishing furniture that looks modern and minimalist.

Objective Weaknesses of HPL (High Pressure Laminate) Material
Apart from the advantages, it turns out that HPL also has several weaknesses that you need to know. Here are some weaknesses in using HPL materials in finishing furniture, namely:

• The first weakness of this HPL material is that the process is a little difficult if it is to make a small curved field with a radius of only 5cm.
• Cutting an imperfect HPL can look neat at any angle.
• Physically the HPL material is very hard, so the flexibility level is very low. For that, if you are not careful about its use, maybe you will easily break it and this will certainly increase the production costs.
• The coating on HPL material is also often released when the glue process is not perfect.
• The appearance of the HPL material is not as fancy as the appearance of a Duco Cat.
• When compared with Decosit, HPL ingredients are slightly more expensive.
Thus reviews of weaknesses and strengths of HPL materials for your finishing furniture. May be useful.