Friday, March 8, 2019

Best Offer Buying HPL Lapis Furniture Products Here

Lapis Furniture HPL - HPL stands for High Pressure Laminate which is a finishing material that is used as the final coating or the top layer (at the front) in the work of various furniture and interior items. The HPL is made of resin, penolic, kraft paper, and decorative paper which are usually 2,440 mm long, 1,220 mm wide, and between 0.6 - 1 mm thick. This HPL layer has a variety of textures and designs. For the layer consists of 3 layers, namely:

1. Overlay paper
2. Pattern paper (design or motif)
3. Kraft paper impregnated with resin
the three layers are pressed with high pressure and temperature to form a laminate sheet. Various examples of HPL Lapis Furniture products, among which are; doors, cabinets, tables, cabinets, kitchen sets, wall panels, and so on. Various surface forms of furniture products made with HPL coated usually consist of semigloss, doff, glossy, and also fibrous wood or motifs arise.

Furniture products coated with the HPL coating have the advantage of being quite scratch-resistant and waterproof. This HPL material is not one hundred percent scratch resistant, but it is quite scratch resistant because the main material is PVC hard plastic with a textured surface which is stronger than sheet material which is usually used to coat cheap furniture sold in ordinary furniture stores. Therefore, furniture products with HPL coated have better resistance to heat and scratches.

As mentioned above, this HPL has a variety of designs, including wood motifs, solid colors, metallic, motifs such as marble and granite, etc. so that it has a lot of choices for furniture with a modern and minimalist look. In addition, the use of HPL coatings for finishing furniture products is faster than finishing with spray. Maintenance is also quite easy just by using clean water and a washcloth to clean it.

Here, we as manufacturers of various furniture products sell a variety of HPL Lapis Furniture products with a variety of designs and models that you can choose for you to use at home, apartment, or in your office. Our furniture products are of high quality and sold at competitive prices according to their quality.

Advantages of HPL Tier Furniture Products in Our Company

The furniture products we produce have many advantages and benefits compared to products from other companies. Its advantages, namely;

• You can get furniture that matches the concept of the room you want to have. We have staff of expert designers who can help you realize you have furniture that fits the concept of your dreams. The design of our furniture products is good and the work is fast. Model, color, and design of furniture items ordered can be tailored to the tastes of the buyer.
• We have staff staff, designers, and furniture craftsmen who work with experts and professionals so that the products produced are of high quality.
• The raw materials we use are of high quality so as to produce quality and durable products.
• We provide a variety of furniture package services that you can choose according to your budget.
• The price of the products we offer is affordable.
• The ordering process is not complicated.
• You can get costume furniture services with free shipping (under certain conditions).

How to Order HPL Tier Furniture Products in Our Company

If you are interested in ordering various items of Lapel HPL products in our company, you can place an order in two ways as follows;
1. Through the offline route: just come to our workshop where the address is listed on this website and make reservations directly. You can also watch the production process directly here.
2. Via online channels: you can contact the customer service number, e-mail, No. WhatsApp or BBM pin are also available at the contact that we provide on this website. Through this route you can also consult and inquire in detail about our production furniture products.

The various items of Lapis HPL Furniture products that we produce are of very high quality with a variety of attractive and modern designs. If you buy the product you want here, you will get attractive offers and the best products. Our customer service will be ready to serve your booking relationship.

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