Monday, March 4, 2019

The advantages and disadvantages of Finishing with HPL on the Latest HPL Furniture

Latest HPL Furniture - Nowadays there are a lot of furniture with finishing made from HPL because this material has quite a lot of motifs and colors. So that not a few people like furniture with the HPL layer. HPL or stands for High Pressure Laminate is a high-pressure laminate which is one of the ingredients for interior surface finishing and furniture products. This material can work very well as a surface cover of furniture such as interior decoration, cabintets, cupboards, tables, kitchen sets, and others. This material can be used as a solution when costs increase and the supply of real wood is reduced. In addition, HPL is also the most popular material for furniture and interior decoration products.

In the latest HPL furniture, of course the outermost layer of the furniture product is HPL. However, usually this HPL is generally used for finishing all types of furniture objects made from thin plastic base. With the existence of HPL with very many motifs and patterns, making consumer interest in the coating material or finishing of plywood, mahogany, teak, megateak, sungkai patterns, in fact slowly begins to disappear. In addition to many motifs and patterns, HPL coatings are also more practical, faster and cheaper compared to other coatings. The process is also very easy, even ordinary carpenters can also do finishing with this HPL.

Advantages of Using HPL on Furniture

Each material for finishing a furniture or household medicine certainly has advantages or disadvantages that each must really consider as a basis for choosing the right furniture finishing material. The advantages or benefits of using HPL for furniture are:

1. Various styles
HPL has various types of colors and surface colors that can be used for furniture. Of the types and colors that are available, the most popular of them are wood colors and patterns of various types. However, you can still get colors and metallic impressions.

2. Scratch Resistant
In addition to having many colors and patterns, the advantages of finishing HBL for the latest HPL furniture are scratch resistant and waterproof. However, this HPL material does not make furniture 100% scratch resistant but it is certain that this HPL type material is stronger compared to other materials used to coat furniture in ordinary stores because the main material is PVC hard plastic and textured surface.

3. Easy, Fast and Clean
Another advantage of finishing with HPL materials is that the process is cleaner when compared to using sanding or duco paint. For multiplex furniture and meubel craftsmen, this HPL has the advantage of being easy, fast and clean because it does not leave trash.

4. HPL also has an "edging" product variant which makes it easier to work on furniture for very thin edges.

5. The cost of this HPL material is also quite economical and finishing with HPL materials also does not need special finishing workers because it can be done by carpenters only.
Weaknesses of HPL for Furniture Finishing

Aside from having advantages or advantages, it turns out there are also some shortcomings that this HPL material has for finishing furniture. The HPL deficiencies or weaknesses are:

1. Can not be used as finishing in small curved fields
Finishing with HPL material will be difficult to do if it is done on a field that has a curved too small, such as an angle with a 5cm curved radius.

2. The HPL deduction is not neat
The second weakness of the HPL is that the cutting is not so neat. If the HPL is not perfect, it will make furniture appear to have a layer with a thickness that is not neat and not good to look at.

3. Less Flexible
Furthermore, it is flexible because the HPL material is very physically hard. So it's easy to break because the flexibility level is very low. So it needs to be careful when using this material to avoid increasing production costs.

4. Easy Release Glue
Another disadvantage of HPL finishing materials for furniture is the HPL layer which is mounted on the furniture easily when the gluing process is not perfect.
That is a bit of a review regarding the strengths and weaknesses of HPL materials for finishing the latest HPL furniture. Hopefully useful for readers.

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